Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lost word writers group

Greetings my friends! I wanted to take a minute to give some kudos to a group in very deserving of them. The Lost Word Writers Group. I had a meeting with them last night, and while I was sitting there, I realized how lucky I truly was to be among them. The group is extremely diverse, yet unified at the same time. Let me tell you about the members:

Donrad: A brilliant man who has already done more than most of us could ever dream of doing. He has rubbed elbows with musical celebrities during his time as a band manager in San Francisco. His rants can give Rush Limbaugh a run for his money!

GG Bloodline: Another brilliant writer. Her poetry is nothing short of amazing, and her stories are fresh and vibrant. She is a future bestseller; I have no doubt about it.

Phil Bannister: Wow, this guy will completely blow your mind. His writing is exciting, humorous, and laced in truth. Always quick with a smile, Phil is truly inspirational.

John Shwabe: I’m not sure if I am spelling his name correctly, so forgive me if I am destroying it. John is a poet without equal. His words are awe inspiring, and he will sweep you into his emotionally charged universe.

Dennis Neely: Dennis is one with nature and with history. He has a love for hunting the old ways that you can just feel. His writing is nothing short of incredible, and I always look forward to reading his work and talking to him.

Autumn Rosewood: It has been an honor watching Autumn grow into the written word. She has come so far with her writing, it just makes me proud. She has work in the book Tears of the Phoenix. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

Devlin Giroux: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the writer I want to be someday. Devlin understands what true horror is supposed to read like, and he is a true master of the craft. Watch for him.

Cynthia Parker: Another poet that has improved by leaps and bounds. She has recently published two books of poetry, and she has more work coming soon. Again, I say look out for her. She will amaze you.

John Stark: One of the newer faces in the Lost word world. He has and shares a ton of potential and I look forward to watching him take the world by storm.

I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add Dave Murray and Pat Wetherbee to the mix. Dave is an amazing artist who happens to be my mentor. Pat is a film maker who got me hooked on rewriting some of my work as screen plays. Again I will say it…look out for these guys!

As a group we have a book on the market and another two in the works. Within These walls is available now both online and at Best Books in Jackson Michigan. Potter’s Field is coming soon. I give you my prediction: This group and its members are going to go far in the written word. Tomorrow’s best selling authors are right here. Check them out!
Sweet nightmares everyone!