Saturday, November 30, 2013

Greetings once again

Hello! Long time no talk! I have been really busy, not able to get to this like I would like to...You know what? Cancel that. As a writer with a blog it is my responsibility to keep you updated on my stuff. That is why you are here, and I have been remiss with my duties. This year, this incredible 2013, I have seen my work published in SATANS HOLIDAY, WELCOME TO YOUR KNIGHTMARES, WILD CARDS, BITTEN, And my book FRESH GRAVES has crawled to the surface. My newest novel TOMMY FUTRELLIO, PARANORMAL P.I. is in the editing stages along with DARK STREETS OF JACKSON. I have recently had another screenplay hit the theaters in Turkey! So there's the rundown on my year so far. Hope yours is going well!