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o INTO THE PADDED ROOM WITH LIA SCOTT PRICET.G.: Bleedings Lia, and welcome to my little padded room! The straightjacket looks very nice on you!L.P.: It has a smiley face on it! Very nice touch!T.G.: You are one very busy spooky lady! Author, Actress, Film maker, and all around awesome personality! Where do you find the time?L.P.: Time? What's that? Is it cute and furry?T.G.: What came first: The writing or the films?L.P.: The writing came first. I actually wrote screenplays initially when I was writing for an acting class in Los Angeles. I wrote my first book "The Guardian" in screenplay form, then turned it into a novel. I wrote the sequels "Revenant" and "Dominion" in pretty much the same way. Then I started turning scenes from the books into short promotional videos as a way to promote them, and from there they became feature films and film shorts.T.G.: Now I’ve read some of your books and even did some book reviews so I know how talented you are. Any more books in your future?L.P.: I'm concentrating only on those three novels and their characters for now. I combined all three separate novels into one trilogy book, so the stories can be read in succession. I'm working on promoting my "new breed of vampire", the Guardian Angels that have become serial killers and vampires, by bringing them to life through more imagery such as the comic book and films. The possibilities for these characters are so endless...and so disturbing and bloody! I've also published online short stories called The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries, so those stories are also being turned into short films as well. My future writings will be based on my characters.T.G.: Another thing you’re doing that is near and dear to my heart is a comic book series based on your movies. Could you tell us about that endeavor?L.P.: The comic book will be a more graphic version of my Vampire Guardian Angel trilogy book "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion" (, and is being drawn by my talented friend and comic book artist Wendell Nelson. Wendell also does designs for my promotional products. The cover of the upcoming comic book is the image that's on the T-Shirts he's designed. We're releasing sneak peek images throughout the year. The comic book will be published October 2011.T.G.: I remember years ago, drawing your portrait basically as a practice piece. You showcased it on your website which really boosted my confidence. Thank you tons for that! Now l also feel the need to thank you for creating horror films, something else near and dear to my heart. In a world of remakes, you keep it original!L.P.: You're welcome, and thank you again for the portrait! I've always tried to stay original, even in my films. I've been heavily influenced by Twilight Zone, X-Files and Twin Peaks, and I wanted to concentrate more on things like the acting and psychological impact of my stories rather than just becoming another slasher film. I concentrate more on the atmosphere and the characters, and it's more about messing with beliefs in pop-culture icons such as angels. I like to be different and experimental and not stick to the expected horror film format. For instance, my short films "The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries" are more like a music video, with very little dialogue but a lot of imagery, while my other film shorts "Scenes from a Novel" focus more on the acting, kinda more old-school Twilight Zone.T.G.: Will you be at any upcoming events: Book signings, Horror or comic cons, etc?L.P.: I will be speaking about my characters and the concepts behind them at Frontier Paracon in Amarillo, Texas in June 2011. I've also submitted my film shorts for entry into the 2011 Viscera Film Festival in Los Angeles. Whether or not I get accepted, I volunteer for Viscera and I will be at the festival to help out, and I'm encouraging everyone to log on to their web site at and donate to the festival to help support women in horror. As a female horror filmmaker, I support organizations that help showcase our work, and thank you for giving me the chance to talk about my works and for all that you do to feature and support all horror writers!T.G.: I know there is someone near and dear to your heart who is a very talented musician. Can you tell us about him and his contributions to your films?L.P.: My husband Mike is a very talented heavy metal guitarist and composer, and he helps out by writing music for my film shorts. He scored my feature film "The Guardian". The death metal band he plays for, Enthraller, ( also lets me use their awesome music in my promotional videos, so I just want to thank them too for their help.T.G.: Outside of your films, what is your favorite horror movie?L.P.: Ginger Snaps the Beginning, the original Halloween, and the entire Resident Evil series.T.G.: What does the future hold for the amazing Lia Scott Price?L.P.: Madness, bloody mayham, disturbing nightmares and lots of therapy---not for me, but hopefully for my readers, bwahaha. Ha. You'll be seeing more films from me, and hopefully more appearances at conferences.T.G.: Lia, thank you for hanging out in the padded room with me! And for playing soccer with the guard’s head. I needed the workout. Never liked him anyway!L.P.: Thank you! I had a bloody good time! His hands made great ping-pong paddles too!


INSIDE THE PADDED ROOM WITH CARMELA HAYSLETTT.G.: Bleeding Carmela and welcome to my padded room!C.H.: Thanks for having me! Boy, it sure is comfy in here. Can I move in?T.G.: You are a busy lady! Actress, Still photographer and Horror hostess! So, tell us about Potent PicturesC.H.: Potent Pictures is an independent production company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently there are four members who make Potent Pictures starting with our founder, Christian "Mr. Potent" Grillo who's made many contributions in Philadelphia from directing the award winning short film "The Wish" to his full-length feature film "Booley". He's a screen writer, a cinematic composer, a producer, he's basically a jack of all trades. We also have John Kent who's the Potent Producer he makes sure everything goes off without a hitch and scout locations amongst many other things he does. Mike Hart is the main cinematographer in our troop and then there's me. I've done still photography for a few films and side projects, I'm an editor, I am sometimes an actress but 90 percent of the time I am horror hostess Roxsy Tyler. My show Roxsy Tyler's Carnival of Horrors in which Potent Pictures helps produce. We've done films, music videos, you name it we've probably done it and if we haven't done it we're hoping to do it soon.T.G.: How long have you been involved in horror stuff?C.H.: All of my life. I grew up in a horror-loving household. Other than just being a horror fan I would say I started actually getting involved with it when I started performing as Roxsy Tyler in 2009.T.G.: What’s your favorite horror movie?C.H.: I've had so many over the years. Amongst them would be The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Last Man On Earth, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Puppet Master. It's hard to pick a favorite because I loved nearly every horror film I saw. Just last year, Tom Detrik who I had the honor of starring the film "Booley" with and who guest starred on my show a few times as Bobo the Clown introduced me to Theater of Blood starring Vincent Price. We didn't usually have older horror films laying around the house unless it was Dracula or Frankenstein which is what's great about being a horror hostess, I get to educate myself on these older films as I go along. Theater of Blood is my favorite horror film right now. T.G.: Any upcoming events?C.H.: Yes! I will be at Monster Mania on the weekend of March 11th through the 13th at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry hIll, NJ as Roxsy Tyler. My cast mates Mr. Potent and Johnnie 13 will also be there promoting The Monster Channel at the Fear Werx table. So, if you pass by the Fear Werx table come say hi to us.Two weeks after that we'll be off to Indianapolis, Indiana for Horrorhound Weekend in the horror host tribute to Zacherley. That will be happening March 25 to the 27th at the Indianapolis Marriott East. I'll be there with over fifty other horror hosts having a great time. It's definitely something you shouldn't miss out on if you're in the area.T.G.: I understand you were on Television at sixteen years of age. Can you tell us about it?C.H.: I was (still am) a huge wrestling fan when I was a teenager and my favorite wrestler was The Rock. It might sound silly but that was the story at the time. I made a little documentary about wrestling and put it up on a website called Video Gurls which isn't around anymore. Out of thousands of videos on the website it was mine and one other person who caught the attention of the Sally Jesse Raphael Show. So, my mother and I went to New York and I got to talk about my video on television with Sally before a live audience. It's a little embarrassing now because I was 16 at the time and I honestly thought I might get to meet The Rock after that. It never happened. I'm sad.T.G.: You Horror hosts and hostesses are living the dreams of a lot of die hard fun horror fans, this author included. Thank you for keeping the torch alive!C.H.: Have to keep it alive! Horror hosting is the best thing I've ever been a part of and horror hosts... we're fans too we're just fans who live out our love for horror in a very, very loud way, haha.T.G.: Carmela thanks for putting on the straightjacket and joining me in the padded room! I’m about to turn some orderlies into chunks, bits and pieces. Care to join me?C.H.: I thought you would never ask!


INTO THE PADDED ROOM WITH VICTOR VON SCARYBleedings and welcome to the Padded Room! Strap on your white coat and hug yourselves while I talk with Mr. Scary.T.G.: Bleedings Victor, and welcome to my little padded room!V.S.: Sure is a lot of blood in here.... most of its not even mine !T.G.: I recently watched “The Horrors of Spider Island” on FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, and two things happened. (1) I started craving pizza; and (2) I was seriously entertained. Great stuff! You and Baron Randall Graves seem to really flow well on screen. What’s it like working with him?V.S.: Well, first off, be careful what kind of toppings you get on that pizza, and, secondly, thank you very much for those kind words. I’m really glad it entertained you. As far as working with Graves.... its horrible, sometimes I’d rather stab out my own eyes rather than look at his face! Naaww, jk! Graves helped me start this show and is a real asset. We have been friends for years. It’s because we have been friends so long that we have a good flow going. We hardly ever write down any lines, so most of it is off the cuff.... and just like Frodo wouldn’t have gotten very far without Sam, Victor wouldn’t have gotten very far without Graves. (Also, I’m a nerd.... well, more of a geek really.)T.G.: Have you worked on any shows previous to “Fright Night”?V.S.: I haven’t worked on any other shows besides FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, although since I’ve started doing the show I’ve had the honor of working with a lot of the horror hosts. At HorrorHound Weekend last year they did a live hosting event called One Hundred Years of Monster Movies, where we hosted with Wolfman Mac, Marlena Midnite, and Robyn Graves. Recently we hosted again on 100YMM and had over 50 guest hosts send in footage, including Halloween Jack who came out of retirement to help us host! Which was a major honor for me. In our newest episode, we were honored to have Professor M. Balmer come out of retirement (kinda) as well, to co-host the show!T.G.: How long has the show been on?V.S.: The show is in its second year now, but we have a lot of plans for the future! We plan on doing it for many more years.T.G.: A question I ask all my guests: What is your favorite horror movie?V.S.: Although some would consider it a sci-fi movie, I would have to say 1983's “The Thing.” Everybody hates remakes, but if it weren’t for remakes, my favorite movie would never have been made. So “The Thing” is why I always try to give remakes a chance now.T.G.: Any upcoming events?V.S.: We will be at HorrorHound Weekend March 25th-27th and, hopefully, Motor City Nightmares and the Detroit Comic Con later this year.T.G.: Can you tell us about FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, including when and whereit’s on?V.S.: Well here at “Fright Night” we play the best old school horror (public domain) films, but we will also start hosting movies that aren’t horror films but are still old school fun, including some Kung fu, sci-fi, and comedy films. We like to think we put the horror in our horror hosting. We are only online right now; we have a live player on our web page playing some of our shows and a link to our YouTube and Facebook pages. www.frightnightcinema.comT.G.: You guys do an awesome job at keeping fun horror undead and well. Thank you for that! And also, thank you for joining me today in the Padded Room!V.S.: A real honor to be here my friend! Thanks a lot for including us. Let us know if you ever need anything from us again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inside the Padded Room With TGReaper and Wolf Man Mac

IN THE PADDED ROOM WITH WOLF MAN MAC!Welcome back to the padded room! Sit back, settle in and join me in welcoming the amazing Wolf man Mac!T.G.: Bleedings Wolf man! This is indeed an honor!WM: Fangs alot! I have to admit, at first I didn't like the idea of wearing this straitjacket, but now I'm really digging how easy it is to bounce off the walls! T.G.: Wolf man, please tell us a little bit about yourselfW.M.: I was born at an early age. HOL (howl out loud), I crack myself up! I'm just a cat that lives and breathes all things spooky, can't get enough of it. My house is decorated with what 'normal' people would consider halloween decorations all year 'round. I'm even part owner of a year 'round haunted house called SINister Haunted House and Glow Golf, in Shelby Twp, MI. You can get your haunt fix 365 days a year! I dig rockabilly, retro pin up chicks, rat rods and roller derby. Even my chick is all bats, fangs, and bettie bangs! T.G.: Did you work on anything before the legendary Nightmare Sinema?W.M.: Wow, I don't get asked a whole lot about Nightmare SINema anymore. Kinda regret changing the name of the show sometimes, but needed to in order to appeal to the masses, expand our reach, spread like the plague. I was a rock and roll radio jock for just about 23 years before starting the TV show. T.G.: What’s your favorite horror movie?W.M.: Oh man, I dig 'em all. I'm not one for slasher/torture flicks. I'm more into the classics, cheesy public domain and universal monster movies mostly, but I honestly find it impossible to name just one. I like a good ghost story. I want creatures, aliens, all that jazz. T.G.: The swamp sisters made an awesome video with you. What was it like to be in a music video?W.M.: The Swamp Sister are just one of MANY talented groups that do all the cool horror tunes that I love. I had a great time with it. I wanted to pretend that I was playing the guitar and do some cool guitar playing facial expressions, but it never happened. Maybe next time. T.G.: Tell us about Chiller Drive in!W.M.: Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-In is a family friendly, horror hosted TV show that air campy, public domain monster and sci fi movies every Saturday night on the REtro Television Network at 10pm, and pretty soon webstreaming online via You'll be able to watch us anytime,anywhere. As horror hosts go, and there are a LOT of great ones out there, ours is more of a situation comedy that takes place around the showing of a movie. Think; Herman Munster meets Tim the tool manTaylor. We even have our own town; Hauntington Heights. There's a zombie deli where you can order a side of 'new york stripper', and a bar we all go to called 'zombie au go go. Pretty cool. We tape our TV show in the belly of the largest haunted house on the planet; Erebus, in Pontiac MI., the place is HUGE and so cool. T.G.: Any upcoming events?W.M.: Heck yeah, if you're in Michigan there's gobs of 'em. The first Thursday of every month we host a killer B movie at the main art theater in royal oak. People make fun of the movie, point laser pens, toss beach balls around, it's a riot! Then of course my haunted house is always doing something cool. THIS Saturday I'm hosting a zombie costume contest. T.G.: You have an amazing cast of characters on your show, some of which I have or are going to interview for the padded room. What is it like to work with these guys?W.M.: not only are my cast of characters great, but I've also got a very creative and supportive crew. In total we have about 40 cast and crew. There's a lot of laughter and camaraderie on and off the set. So talented. T.G.: Thanks again Wolf man Mac for joining me here in the padded room!W.M.: Thank YOU! And as we say here in Hauntington Heights, Stay Creepy!!