Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Interview with the always amazing Lia Scott Price

  1. 1. What genre do you write in?Horror, horror, and more horror. Oh, did I mention horror?2. Do you have any books published, and if you do, what are they called?The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion, A trilogy (Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels TM), Ghostwriter, and Resurrection (Serial Killer novels). You can find the books on When did you start writing?After my first divorce. Bad times are good times for writing. :)4. What inspires you to write?Oh, where do I start? Let's put it this way. I'll stop only when the voices tell me to.It's the challenges of life, actually. They inspire creativity. 5. I know you probably get asked this all the time, but where do you get your ideas from?Natural selection. Of the human population.6. What do you enjoy, when your not writing?Natural selection. Of the human population. >:) (oh, and filming, acting, and writing music.)7. This is something I get asked alot, so I enjoy the chance to bug another writer with it: What is your daily writing ritual like?Skip meds. Write. Watch the news. Laugh. Write. Eat. Write. Ignore the shiny objects (they're distracting). Talk to the voices. Write. 8. Do you outline? Why or why not?My method is scribbling on anything that has a blank surface. That includes anyone within reach, although getting them to stand still while I transfer the notes to my computer is tricky. I actually use post-it notes. I write a thought down, and put it together like a jigsaw puzzle later, so each note has to have a title. Sample: Serial killer book 1: was NOT a dark and stormy night.....and so on.9. How do you feel about the world of publishing today?Self-publishing is it, people. Take control of your destiny! Become your own publisher! Online print-on-demand rocks! 10. Where do you see yourself in five years?In a psychiatric ward, teaching creative writing in between group sessions.Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Now I have a few questions that are totally unrelated to writing.1. pepsi or coke?Coke rules.2. classic music or classic rock?Death Metal.3. horror movie or lifetime movie?I'd like to turn the lifetime movies into Horror movies. "Project Runway: Carnage on the Catwalk!, Tonight at 9!" Hot.4. meat eater or vegetarian?I eat vegetarians for breakfast.5. Sci fi or Horror?Both, of course!6. Water ski or Down hill ski?Downhill all the way.7. Christmas or Halloween?Now here' s the thing about Christmas. There's a strange bearded guy in a costume, he's wearing red, and cavorts with cloven-hooved animals.....he punishes the bad (with no presents)....Santa? Satan? Not too far off of a stretch, eh? Think about it. Christmas and Halloween could be one and the same. Just sayin'. I think Jeebus would agree.8. Drink alone or with friends?Now I would love to be a bartender, but the ironic thing is, I don't drink. Now that would be the perfect bartender, wouldn't it? Um, what was the question again?9. Dr. Phil or Dr. Pepper?Dr. Phil would have to start seeing his own shrink if he met me.10. A perfect night: Wine and cheese or Pizza and beer?Cheese pizza with beer-infused garlic crust and wine.Thanks again and keep writing!!

Sorry if this looks clustered, I'm still new at this! Major thanks to Lia for doing the interview. If you havent read her work, or watched her videos, you need to. Look her up on youtube, you'll thank me later!

Sweet nightmares!


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