Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, General discussion


Greetings my friends! I am coming to you from the padded room with a book review of the book: THE UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ETHAN JACOBS. Written by Dan Dillard.

Do you believe in ghosts? What about the afterlife? Are you truly ready to search for proof? Ethan Jacobs is a computer programmer and amateur ghost hunter who tries everything he can think of to communicate with the dead, keeping his notes in an electronic journal. After a friend talks about a ghostly encounter from her youth at a friendly get together, things start to happen in Ethan’s apartment. It starts with noises and dreams, and escalates into a life and death struggle that challenges Ethan’s faith and his will to live.

Dan is a brilliant author. His characters are believable, the dialogue crisp and the pacing is perfect. This was the first time that I had read this author, and he has made me an official fan of his work. One of the things that really stood out to me was the way he described the settings. He really draws the reader into his world and it’s like sitting in the rooms and watching the things take place. A true genius who is destined to do great things with his writing.

5out of 5 bones. A masterpiece.

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