Tuesday, January 8, 2013

WORDS OF THE WARRIOR first guest, Ivan Herrington

1. Tell us about your martial arts experience: training, instructors, etc?

i started out by watching old Muhammad ali vids because i was tired of being bullied. i took some judo classes and eventually started training with you

2. How long have you been training?

16 years on and off.

3. What do you do when you’re not training? Hobbies?

i like to draw. I also like to watch cheesy zombie movies

4. What has the martial arts taught you?

that every thing takes time and effort. you cant get to the top while sitting on the couch.

5. If you could train, with any martial arts legend, who would it be and why?

Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris. Jackie Chan because he can do amazing things and i think it would be awesome to get to know him and train with him. Chuck Norris because...well he is chuck freaking Norris!!!

6. One of the things about martial arts training, is you want to leave something behind, for the next generation. It might be teaching, tournaments, etc. What would your legacy be?

teaching because that is the ultimate legacy your knowledge goes on forever and your students never forget you.

7. If you could star in a martial arts movie, who would be your co star?

Jackie Chan he is awesome and funny

8. What kind of goals do you set in your training?

a little bit more each time.

9. What, to date is your biggest achievement?

Stepping in the cage. i lost but it was a fantastic experience and i proved to my self that i have more balls than brains lol.

10. Any thoughts, philosophy, or encouragement you would like to leave for the readers?

You wont always succeed the first, second or third time and nothing will fall into your hands you have to go out put out the effort and take the things you want.

Thanks so much for taking the time to be here. Please be well and blessed and may your training always be fantastic!

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