Friday, May 18, 2007

Rainy ressurection

Rainy ResurrectionTGREAPER2006
Rain was pelting me as I found my way inside The Robert Guhl Sanitarium. I felt lucky that I found a light on inside the abandoned building. I stood in the doorway and watched as the rain pounded on the concrete outside. I didn't hear the footsteps coming up behind me untill it was too late. Something struck me from behind and everything went black.
I woke up in an examining room. Bodies and body parts were lying everywhere. The smell of rotting flesh was heavy in the air. I remembered the story of Robert Guhl, how he was arrested for secret experiments. He even tried to raise the dead. Now he was in the prison graveyard, executed for his crimes.
The sound of a creaking cart brought me back to the present. A stocky woman wearing a bloodied nurses's cap and gown came into view from my right. She was pushing a examining table that had something on it covered in a bloody sheet. It looked like something from a horror movie, only this was real.
She stopped a few feet away from me in my direct line of sight. The sheet was carefully pulled away, revealing a man. He was strapped to the table, his body cut open from his shoulders to his waistline. His skin was pulled back and pinned to his sides. His body cavity resembled an open book. I started telling myself that I stumbled onto a sick coroner, when I saw something that turned my stomach. The man moved. He was alive!
The demented nurse totally ignored me as she studied the man, poking and prodding inside his cavity and taking notes on a clipboard. "Time for the final test," she said sweetly, smiling down at her victim. She put down the clipboard and picked up a large clear plastic bag. She shoved it over his head and tied it around his neck with rubber tubing. Her eyes watched his cavity intently as he fought for each breath. When he finally died, she smiled, draped the bloody sheet over him and wrote something else on the clipboard.
Her eyes turned to me and I felt my heart freeze. Her lips turned up at the corners as she walked over to me."You're awake, how painful for you. Still, it might change some variables." She picked up her clipboard and wrote something down. I noticed her blood smeared name tag had the Name GUHL in dark letters stamped on it."You're related to that freak who tried to raise the dead?"She smiled as she took a scalpel and ripped my shirt down the middle, being careful not to cut me. "Not exactly," she replied, her voice changing. "I am that freak, and my experiment was a success." Now the voice was that of a man. The body parts and bodies started twitching. He really was raising the dead! "Now, it's your turn." He pressed the scalpel to my chest untill it bit it's way inside. My screams fell upon dead ears. I felt the blade slowly creep down my chest and watched as my blood sprayed his already dirty uniform. The pain was incredible. I finally gave up and closed my eyes as the doctor opened my window to everlasting life.

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