Friday, May 18, 2007

spirits of the mountain

Let me tell you right now that I have never believed in spooks, specters, or anything else that
Goes bump in the night. But after one night in those cursed mountains, fear drips from
Every pore in my body. The taste of blood and iron are in every drop of spring water
From Ironton Ohio.
I was asked to go to the foothills to do what I do best, show a haunting for the hoax
it really is. When I first saw the house, I was sorely dissapointed. For as old as it
was, it looked as if a fresh coat of paint was on the walls, unlike the other houses
that were in total decomposition. There was a huge wagon alongside the house,
the type that needed large horses to pull it, it too seemed almost brand new.
The inside was just as nice. It was as if time had somehow passed by on the
outside of the window, leaving everything inside as it was years ago. I unloaded
my gear and settled in.
The night was totally uneventful. I was at least hoping for a guy in a sheet, or
some sound effects, or something. I watched the minutes tick away on my
timex, untill about half past ten. Somewhere in the woods a wolf howled.
Too easy, I thought to myself. I set the cam corder, checked the batteries
on both that and the tape recorder, rolled out my sleeping bag and was
soon asleep.
I had my gear packed up and was back in jackson by two pm. I was already
making plans on taping over the tapes with the ball game coming on that night.
I popped the audio tape into my stereo and turned the volume up full. I realized
for the first time that i was a loud snorer. Then I realized something else.
I wasn't alone in that house.
It started like a whisper, someone calling out, calling for help. Then a symphony
of moans and cries. Finally, in a loud clear female voice, "Who the hell is he?"
My blood went cold. I dug like an animal through my back pack searching for the
video tape. I fumbled it in shaky fingers as I put it in the vcr on the third try.
The dark room seemed quiet enough, I was laying in the center of the room,
snoring peacfully away. Suddenly a blue glowing light, like an orb, appeared
in the corner, followed by a couple of red ones. A transparent shape appeared
above my head and I shook realizing that it was a ghostly woman staring down
at me. Something caught her eye, and she disappeared from view. Suddenly
her face filled the tv screen. She was looking into the camera. Her hair was
black and knarled, her face ashen, and her eyes, those eyes, looked like silver
ballbearings, totally reflective. She gave a sinister look, then smiled. I felt like
she was staring at me. I couldn't believe I spent the night in a house with a ghost.
Her raggy dress looked like it was full of soot and I surmised she must have died
in a fire of some sort. She stared at the screen for several minutes, the orbs floating
around in the background. As the night drained away(i used a 8 hour tape) And
daylight began to bleed through the windows, the spirits faded away. The last one
vanished as I was waking up. Way too close for my blood.
I gave up ghost chasing. Now I spend my evenings alone in my apartment, and wonder
who's watching me.

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