Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inside the Padded Room With TGReaper and Wolf Man Mac

IN THE PADDED ROOM WITH WOLF MAN MAC!Welcome back to the padded room! Sit back, settle in and join me in welcoming the amazing Wolf man Mac!T.G.: Bleedings Wolf man! This is indeed an honor!WM: Fangs alot! I have to admit, at first I didn't like the idea of wearing this straitjacket, but now I'm really digging how easy it is to bounce off the walls! T.G.: Wolf man, please tell us a little bit about yourselfW.M.: I was born at an early age. HOL (howl out loud), I crack myself up! I'm just a cat that lives and breathes all things spooky, can't get enough of it. My house is decorated with what 'normal' people would consider halloween decorations all year 'round. I'm even part owner of a year 'round haunted house called SINister Haunted House and Glow Golf, in Shelby Twp, MI. You can get your haunt fix 365 days a year! I dig rockabilly, retro pin up chicks, rat rods and roller derby. Even my chick is all bats, fangs, and bettie bangs! T.G.: Did you work on anything before the legendary Nightmare Sinema?W.M.: Wow, I don't get asked a whole lot about Nightmare SINema anymore. Kinda regret changing the name of the show sometimes, but needed to in order to appeal to the masses, expand our reach, spread like the plague. I was a rock and roll radio jock for just about 23 years before starting the TV show. T.G.: What’s your favorite horror movie?W.M.: Oh man, I dig 'em all. I'm not one for slasher/torture flicks. I'm more into the classics, cheesy public domain and universal monster movies mostly, but I honestly find it impossible to name just one. I like a good ghost story. I want creatures, aliens, all that jazz. T.G.: The swamp sisters made an awesome video with you. What was it like to be in a music video?W.M.: The Swamp Sister are just one of MANY talented groups that do all the cool horror tunes that I love. I had a great time with it. I wanted to pretend that I was playing the guitar and do some cool guitar playing facial expressions, but it never happened. Maybe next time. T.G.: Tell us about Chiller Drive in!W.M.: Wolfman Mac's Chiller Drive-In is a family friendly, horror hosted TV show that air campy, public domain monster and sci fi movies every Saturday night on the REtro Television Network at 10pm, and pretty soon webstreaming online via www.chillerdrivein.com You'll be able to watch us anytime,anywhere. As horror hosts go, and there are a LOT of great ones out there, ours is more of a situation comedy that takes place around the showing of a movie. Think; Herman Munster meets Tim the tool manTaylor. We even have our own town; Hauntington Heights. There's a zombie deli where you can order a side of 'new york stripper', and a bar we all go to called 'zombie au go go. Pretty cool. We tape our TV show in the belly of the largest haunted house on the planet; Erebus, in Pontiac MI. hauntedpontiac.com, the place is HUGE and so cool. T.G.: Any upcoming events?W.M.: Heck yeah, if you're in Michigan there's gobs of 'em. The first Thursday of every month we host a killer B movie at the main art theater in royal oak. People make fun of the movie, point laser pens, toss beach balls around, it's a riot! Then of course my haunted house is always doing something cool. THIS Saturday I'm hosting a zombie costume contest. T.G.: You have an amazing cast of characters on your show, some of which I have or are going to interview for the padded room. What is it like to work with these guys?W.M.: not only are my cast of characters great, but I've also got a very creative and supportive crew. In total we have about 40 cast and crew. There's a lot of laughter and camaraderie on and off the set. So talented. T.G.: Thanks again Wolf man Mac for joining me here in the padded room!W.M.: Thank YOU! And as we say here in Hauntington Heights, Stay Creepy!!

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