Sunday, February 27, 2011


INTO THE PADDED ROOM WITH VICTOR VON SCARYBleedings and welcome to the Padded Room! Strap on your white coat and hug yourselves while I talk with Mr. Scary.T.G.: Bleedings Victor, and welcome to my little padded room!V.S.: Sure is a lot of blood in here.... most of its not even mine !T.G.: I recently watched “The Horrors of Spider Island” on FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, and two things happened. (1) I started craving pizza; and (2) I was seriously entertained. Great stuff! You and Baron Randall Graves seem to really flow well on screen. What’s it like working with him?V.S.: Well, first off, be careful what kind of toppings you get on that pizza, and, secondly, thank you very much for those kind words. I’m really glad it entertained you. As far as working with Graves.... its horrible, sometimes I’d rather stab out my own eyes rather than look at his face! Naaww, jk! Graves helped me start this show and is a real asset. We have been friends for years. It’s because we have been friends so long that we have a good flow going. We hardly ever write down any lines, so most of it is off the cuff.... and just like Frodo wouldn’t have gotten very far without Sam, Victor wouldn’t have gotten very far without Graves. (Also, I’m a nerd.... well, more of a geek really.)T.G.: Have you worked on any shows previous to “Fright Night”?V.S.: I haven’t worked on any other shows besides FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, although since I’ve started doing the show I’ve had the honor of working with a lot of the horror hosts. At HorrorHound Weekend last year they did a live hosting event called One Hundred Years of Monster Movies, where we hosted with Wolfman Mac, Marlena Midnite, and Robyn Graves. Recently we hosted again on 100YMM and had over 50 guest hosts send in footage, including Halloween Jack who came out of retirement to help us host! Which was a major honor for me. In our newest episode, we were honored to have Professor M. Balmer come out of retirement (kinda) as well, to co-host the show!T.G.: How long has the show been on?V.S.: The show is in its second year now, but we have a lot of plans for the future! We plan on doing it for many more years.T.G.: A question I ask all my guests: What is your favorite horror movie?V.S.: Although some would consider it a sci-fi movie, I would have to say 1983's “The Thing.” Everybody hates remakes, but if it weren’t for remakes, my favorite movie would never have been made. So “The Thing” is why I always try to give remakes a chance now.T.G.: Any upcoming events?V.S.: We will be at HorrorHound Weekend March 25th-27th and, hopefully, Motor City Nightmares and the Detroit Comic Con later this year.T.G.: Can you tell us about FRIGHT NIGHT CINEMA, including when and whereit’s on?V.S.: Well here at “Fright Night” we play the best old school horror (public domain) films, but we will also start hosting movies that aren’t horror films but are still old school fun, including some Kung fu, sci-fi, and comedy films. We like to think we put the horror in our horror hosting. We are only online right now; we have a live player on our web page playing some of our shows and a link to our YouTube and Facebook pages. www.frightnightcinema.comT.G.: You guys do an awesome job at keeping fun horror undead and well. Thank you for that! And also, thank you for joining me today in the Padded Room!V.S.: A real honor to be here my friend! Thanks a lot for including us. Let us know if you ever need anything from us again.

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